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Used & Refurbished Equipment

Reno Hi-Fi, Inc. offers stereo equipment in the following four categories:

  • NEW: Product that is in its factory-sealed box, never opened outside the factory, and never used.  New Pass Labs and First Watt products have a full three-year factory warranty that is transferable to whomever owns the product during the three year period.

  • DEMO: Product that is less than nine-months-old, usually only two or three months old, almost always is in factory-fresh condition, with all factory accessories and factory boxing, and with most of the factory transferable warranty remaining. Because Reno Hi-Fi has such a generous in-home demo program, once items are returned from audition by the public, we are able offer these demo products for sale.

  • USED: Product that is not new, not demo, has been used and has not been refurbished. All products from Reno Hi-Fi are always Satisfaction Guaranteed with an in-home demo available. The remaining warranty is usually posted on the used product listings. If you have any questions, just ask and we’re happy to clarify what a product is and isn’t.

  • REFURBISHED: Product that has been previously owned and has the extra value of being electronically refreshed, tested and certified that the product performs to factory new specifications by the Pass Labs factory.  This product usually has a one-year factory transferable warranty.

About the Reno Hi-Fi and Pass Labs refurbishing process:  When Reno Hi-Fi takes in a used item and resells it, we want to do everything we can do insure the best possible results in the new owner’s system. Most Pass Labs products never need any service, but we offer the peace-of-mind that the product has been checked by the manufacturer and additionally has a one-year factory transferable warranty from Pass Labs. All this is additional to the Reno Hi-Fi satisfaction guarantee and in-home demo program. 

In 2005 when we started labeling product “Refurbished by Pass Labs,” the addition of the label was in response to the fact that others were re-selling these products and erroneously calling the product “new.” In retrospect, we wish we had not called these products “refurbished,” but maybe called them “Certified Pre-Owned.”  Often the products look so good that consumers do think they are new. However, while serious cosmetic damage is usually replaced by the factory when possible, average nicks and scratches are not replaced or repaired. Refurbished product does not guarantee that the product looks factory fresh.  When we offer refurbished product, we will describe the cosmetic condition so you can make an informed decision.

PASS Refurbished Product DOES guarantee that the product will perform like new, that the product has not been modified by a consumer, and that you are getting product designed as Pass Labs intended. And the one-year factory transferable warranty is your assurance of continued performance.

Most of the product Reno Hi-Fi sends to Pass Labs for a refurbishing check-up doesn’t need any serious work. The refurbishing is the Extra Value you receive when you invest in a Pass Labs refurbished product rather than the typical used product offered though internet classified ads.  During refurbishing, Pass Labs thoroughly bench tests the product to see that all parts of the product perform to factory specification as if the product were brand new. If any part of the product is not performing within strict tolerance, then work is performed to make the product electronically 100% right.  If any electronic part of the product is marginal in any way, it is replaced with a new part.  On most amps the only wear item is the power switch, and if it’s not in new condition, during refurbishing it is replaced.

In internet chat rooms, much ado is made about the life-expectancy of capacitors. The fact is that modern capacitors last an extremely long time in a well-designed, ultra-high-end product (as long as there is not serious abuse, such as not providing the amp adequate ventilation). Modern caps last twenty-years and beyond, and when they do fail, caps gives years of warning. During refurbishing, if there is any hint that the caps need to be replaced, then they will be replaced.  Most products that are less than ten years old will not have any reason to have the caps replaced, and therefore they will not be replaced. Needlessly replacing caps would be an expense that we would have to pass on to the consumer, and serves little purpose.

Reno Hi-Fi buys used Pass Labs products. We buy every model of Pass Labs and First Watt product ever made. If you have a PASS product you would like to turn into quick cash, please contact us and we’ll give you a value quotation. After the quote, the usual procedure is to send the item to us in Reno, Nevada, (please ask for our shipping address) and after inspection on the business day following the item’s arrival, we’ll send you a company check.


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