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Trade-In or Trade-Up

Reno Hi-Fi, Inc. offers very generous allowances for trade-in products as well as an exceptional trade-up program. Reno Hi-Fi has done everything we can think of to make trading-in and trading-up as easy, predictable, flexible and valuable for the customer. We’ll always do our best to give you the highest trade-in allowance possible when you want to upgrade to newer or bigger gear.

Special Pandemic Announcement:  Because we are experiencing overwhelming demand and it's simply impossible to keep up, we are currently not accepting trade-in brands other than PASS and First Watt.  We do accept all major credit cards and PayPal with no fee from Reno Hi Fi to help make the economics of trading-up easier.  Thanks for working with us. 

Pass Labs products of any age are always most welcomed and have the very highest trade-in values, whatever the age or condition. Most other brands are also welcomed as trade-in’s, and we use the Audiogon bluebook, current internet classifieds, as well as other industry information to set the value on a trade-in item. We always try to give the highest possible value, and trading-in the old product makes improving your system easier and more affordable than selling the old item yourself.

Brands other than Pass Labs usually need to be less than 10 years old, and such items cannot be worth more than 65% of the sale price of the new item toward which you’re trading. (For example, if you’re interested in a new item with a sale price of $10,000, the trade-in’s value cannot be more than $6500.) Pass Labs products are the exception to this 65% rule. (An example is you have a newer more valuable PASS item and want to trade to a smaller or older item. In this case we might do a no-cash or little-cash transaction.) Phone or email us, and within a few minutes we can tell you what your gear would be worth in trade for the newer item.

Reno Hi-Fi adds even more value to the trade-in and in home demo process. For established clients, or clients who use a credit card, in most cases, we’ll let you keep the trade-in item until after you’ve had 10 days to listen and enjoy your new gear — and you can A/B the new gear with the trade-in item so you’ll absolutely know the performance of the new versus the old product. And it gets better yet --  we’ll usually give you “advance credit” for your trade-in item, so the only up-front charge would be the change in investment to upgrade. Let’s say you have a trade-in item worth $4000 toward a $10,000 item, the only charge on your credit card would be $6000, which makes the transaction much easier for you.

Four-Month Trade-Up Offer - A common concern when investing in audio gear is, “What if later decide I want the bigger model?” Reno Hi-Fi guarantees that we’ll give you 100% of your purchase price of the first item, when you trade-it in, toward our best offer on the upgrade item for a period of four-months (120 days). So if in January you invest in an X-150.8, and in three months realize that you want and can now afford an X-250.8, we’ll give you what you paid for the X-150.8 as trade-in value toward our best offer on X-250.8, as an example.  Minimum trade-up amount is $995 plus shipping.  After four-months we always give the highest trade-in value possible because we want your repeat business; we just don’t guarantee 100% value after four-months.

Please give us a call or an email and we’ll do everything we can to work with you and present an exciting offer to improve your system.

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