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Return Policy

In keeping with our dedication to client satisfaction, Reno Hi-Fi, Inc. has an generous return policy. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from Reno Hi-Fi, you may return the item for a prompt refund, less only the actual round-trip shipping costs and a small restocking fee, please see below.

Returns are to be shipped to the return address on the outbound shipping label. Returns must be shipped no later than 14 days after the item was received; on the 15th day all sales are final. Returned items must be received in the condition in which they were received, with all accessories, including the owner’s manual, AC cord and remote control (if applicable). We recommend UPS or Fed Ex shipping with insurance equal to the sale price of the product (so that your investment is protected) and “signature required at delivery,” so you have proof the item was received by us.

Within one business day of our receipt of the returned product in proper condition, we will refund your payment, less only the price of the shipping that Reno Hi-Fi incurred and a modest restocking fee. We almost always refund your payment via the same payment method with which you paid us. PayPal and credit card payments are simply reversed, less shipping and restoking. For credit card payments, we will very quickly issue the credit to you though the credit card system. Our finding is that banks are generally fast to charge and slow to credit. Credit card refunds usually take five to ten days to appear on your credit card account, even though we have very promptly entered the credit into the bank’s system and our checking account has been quickly debited. Even though the credit card refund may seem on the slow side, it will certainly reach your account—try not to worry. We’ve never had a credit card or PayPal credit not be applied as it should. Payments made by other forms of payment will quickly be refunded with a Reno Hi-Fi company check sent promptly by First Class Mail.


Restocking Fees: 

We don’t like restocking fees, and we know you don’t either but due to market changes and cost increases beyond our control, after 22 years in business, we are forced to implement a small restocking fee for returned items.  Reno Hi Fi’s / Mark Sammut’s actual hard cost of a returned item is usually about 10 to 15% and more.  Reno Hi Fi clients will now participate in these costs, while Mark Sammut’s costs remain higher than what the customer will pay.  All orders placed after November 23, 2019, which are returned will be charged a 5% restocking fee of the sale price of the amp.  An additional 3.5% restocking fee of the sale price will be charged if an American Express Card is used.  These fees will be in addition to the actual round-trip shipping costs (which include all import and export taxes and fees for international orders) for returned items.  There are no other fees to the customer.

Part of our success since we started Reno Hi Fi in 1998 is keeping our clients fully-informed. To that end and for absolute clarity, here are some more details of the restocking fee: 

The restocking fee is limited to $500 per shipping box.  PASS multi-chassis preamps are shipped in one box.  A pair of PASS monoblock power amps are shipped in two boxes.  So the maximum restocking fee for an in-stock preamp is $500; and the maximum fee for a pair of in-stock power amps would be $1000 (plus an additional 3.5% if paid with Amex card).

Trade in value does not affect the sale price of the amp with respect to restocking fees.

Special order items do have higher restocking fees, which will be agreed in writing, in advance of shipping.

Individual customers who have a higher rate of returns will have a higher restocking fee, which will be agreed in writing, in advance of shipping.

A higher restocking fee may be charged for orders when Reno Hi Fi determines the probability of a return for a specific order to be very high because a specific client insists on the order against Mark’s expert advice.  The potential fees will be agreed in writing prior to shipping.  Of course if the customer keeps the item, there is no restocking fee.

Any changes from the above policy for individual orders will be agreed to in writing/email, before the order is shipped.

Fees for a typical return would look like this:

Cost of the newer amp is $5000.  Instant trade-in value credit is $2000.   The 5% restocking fee would be $250.  If an Amex card is used, the total [8.5%] restocking fee would be $425.  Actual round-trip shipping costs are additional (import and export costs are additional).  There are no other return fees to customer.  

Here’s how we can Work Together to avoid and minimize restocking fees:

Please carefully consider Mark Sammut’s advice, he really wants you to be happy with your purchase, and he wants you to return the item when you’re not completely satisfied.  Up to this time, a full two-thirds of returns have been expected by Mark because we’ve known the product was not going to be a good fit in a specific client’s system but the client insisted on purchasing it against Mark’s advice. Critical listening with an in-home demo is still the very best test.  No audio consultant can perfectly predict if a product will satisfy a specific audiophile, and that’s why our restocking fees only cover a fraction of our real costs—we’ll work with you.  We want people to try new products while avoiding needless returns.

We are always happy to share shipping tips with our customers to avoid over-paying for return shipping.


I apologize that this restocking fee policy is a bit long.  I have tried to make the fees themselves as small as possible and to be in response to situations that cost the business more or less.  Most other dealers, if they accept returns at all, say “a flat 25% restocking fee plus other fees.”  I want our customer-friends to try gear and to work with us through the entire process and continue to make all our transactions Win-Win.  Thank you in advance for working with Reno Hi Fi.

                                                                     Very Truly, Mark Sammut



Our return policy is a great benefit to the Reno Hi-Fi customer. The policy is more than fair and insures that our clients are happy with the products they invest in though us.


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