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November 18, 2021:  The worldwide supply chain problems are now causing Reno Hi Fi to have little inventory.  Part of our business model is to have large inventories so that we can provide Excellent service to our customers.  In the first month after our reopening from the move, we did about three months worth of business and now our inventories are very low.  We have more than One Million dollars of product currently on order with PASS; and we have many trade-in's due to us; and we have a good amount of product in the process of shipping and factory refurbishing-- so product will continue to be available, but with less than our usual speed.  Because of shortages and long wait time for supplies, our restocking fees will be increased until the supply chain normalizes.  We're working hard for you, and by our ordering well in advance, we hope to have the products you want with far less wait-time than what is typical for our industry today. 

Early in November 2021, Pass Labs Company announced a modest 5% price increase to be effective January 01, 2022.  


October 1, 2021:   We are now open as normal, Monday through Friday, accepting new clients. 

September 20, 2021:   In only about two weeks we'll be open.  Hooray!  We look forward to helping you very soon.

All is progressing well on our relocation and a picture of our new offices at 2320 West Mission Lane, Suites 4 and 5 is below.   We continue on track to reopen October 05 and 06, 2021.  Contractors will be working on our new space for the next month.

Telephones are now moved.  We have the same phone numbers as always and we're adding a Phoenix number: 602-218-6200.  

Thanks again for your patience.  We can't wait to get back to our "real" work of helping our wonderful clients!  We would much prefer to be helping you rather than only working on moving and business administration. 




July 12, 2021:   All is progressing well on our relocation.  Thanks again to all our wonderful clients for their positive energy and patience.  Everything is on track to for Reno Hi Fi to be up-and-running as normal in October 2021.  In mid-August, we will move the phone numbers.  


June 05, 2021:   We are now working to move to Phoenix.  With two office-warehouses and three homes in two states, there's a mountain of work to do this summer.  We are currently not accepting any orders nor doing any consultations.  We are available to support any 2021 purchases from Reno Hi Fi.  We are presently working to complete all orders on our waiting lists in the next couple of weeks.   This is a very serious decision to interrupt our business.  We must pause so that we can do all the work to move and reestablish or this move will never be completed.  The only choices we have are to pause or to retire completely.  Thanks for your support, patience and understanding.  

Pass Labs factory and all the many other PASS and First Watt dealers can help with product support and model consultations during Reno Hi Fi's transitional period.  We've built our business for 23+ years on excellent service which includes Fast shipping.  We understand that you may not be able to wait to get your Nelson Pass marvels fast enough from us right now.  Should you use another dealer, we understand, and when we're up-and-running in Phoenix, we'd love to help you more, even to upgrade from products you've purchased elsewhere.  It's difficult to turn-away business, but we prefer this to accepting orders we cannot adequately support.  We always value YOUR Satisfaction! 


June 01, 2021, Quick News Update:  Our move to Phoenix AZ is progressing well and maybe a bit ahead of schedule.  Our new location will be: 2320 W. Mission Lane, Suites 4 & 5, Phoenix AZ 85021.  Yesterday I bought a house in north Phoenix.   Thanks to our Wonderful clients for their good energy and patience while we work hard to make this long-distance move. 


April 11, 2021Business Recovery and Future Improvements

We have been working non-stop overtime for almost two years and demand for our products and services continues to be overwhelming and we are forced to make adjustments to keep customer service to our excellent standards. 

If you'd like to become a new client, we'd love to hear from you when business demand and supply normalizes, hopefully by October. 

Reno Hi Fi is moving to Phoenix, Arizona, in the summer of 2021.  Hooray!  We wish that with the current demands on our business that we could hire more good people.  The Reno labor pool has revealed itself to be too small for our specialty niche business.  In Phoenix, we look forward to offering all the same products and services as we have the last 23 years, and to improve as well.  We will keep our name, Reno Hi Fi, web addresses and telephone numbers. 


February 2021:

We pride ourselves on Excellent customer service.  Customers with orders in progress will always receive return calls and emails ASAP.  With the ongoing pandemic, we are very sorry that it is simply impossible to return all calls and emails for potential new orders.  We ALL look forward to the future when we can return to normal.  We continue to manage the business conservatively so that we're here to serve the audiophile community well in to the next decade and beyond.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the unusual times we're all experiencing.




Winter 2019 Reno Hi Fi News

We've now been in business for 22 years!  And looking at our "vintage" website it's probably easy to believe we started at the beginning of the internet age.  We appreciate your patience with this old website and hopefully 2020 will be the year we have an all-new website.  Meanwhile, the information on this website is up-to-date.



Reno Hi Fi's Former Offices in Reno, Nevada: 


To the right is a snapshot of  the owner of Reno Hi Fi, Mark Sammut, and Orson the cat in 2017. 



Summer 2017 Product News: 

The New PASS XP-12 single-chassis remote control linestage preamp (successor to the XP-10) is now in stock and ready for quick shipment.

The New PASS XP-17 single-chassis phono preamp (successor to the XP-15) is now in stock and ready for quick shipment. 

In September-October 2017 the XP-22 (successor to the XP-20) is scheduled to be released by PASS. 

In Fall 2018, the XP-27 and XP-32 (successors to the XP-25 and XP-30) are forecast to be released by PASS.  

As Always-- Reno Hi Fi makes it fun, easy and no-risk to upgrade to a new model.  Our in-home demo program allows our clients to A/B the new preamp with their existing preamp in their own systems. 



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