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In-Home Demos

Reno Hi-Fi, Inc. offers in-home demos so that you can be the judge and move with confidence. Audiophile magazines in the past have fervently recommended that enthusiasts always demo any product in their own system before buying it. Reno Hi-Fi not only makes this possible, but easy. The true test of any product is how it sounds to you, with your music, and with time to listen and “get to know the sound” of the product.

High-end Audiophile retailers have changed dramatically in the past twenty years with the proliferation of the Internet. The simple fact is that today there are very few stores where anyone can hear any exotic audio gear. But as we remember audio stores of the past, and then even under the best of circumstances, audio stores had severe limitations. Audiophiles almost never buy a whole system all at once. Rather, they make incremental changes to their system over time. The best audio store is unlikely to have the same associated gear as the prospective customer’s system, and even if the store did, the music room would be different. Additionally, with the inability to spend any meaningful amount of time listening in a store, the “dream audio store” of the past was still far from ideal. Fortunately in today’s Internet age, some things really are better.

Reno Hi-Fi provides a much more meaningful and personal demonstration of your prospective audio gear that far surpasses the demonstration that any audio store could provide. Our modern way of doing business is now totally proven to make even the most demanding audiophiles extremely happy with every part of the experience.

Expert advice and consultation makes all the difference. When you’re thinking about making an improvement to your system, please give us a call or email, and together we can plan the best course of action that will give you the final results you want to achieve. Let’s talk about your system as it is today, what you like about the sound and where you’d like to hear improvements. Let’s talk about other equipment you’ve heard, what you liked and didn’t like. Let’s consider what type of music you enjoy, at what volume levels, with which speakers, the characteristics of your listening room, and any other aspects of performance that are meaningful to you.

We will work together to create personal, thoughtful, and highly knowledgeable recommendations that almost always produce the final result our clients want — and often even more fantastic results than they ever dreamed! At Reno Hi-Fi, our in-home demo program is a finely-tailored solution to an individual’s desires. It is far more than simply sending out equipment and waiting to see what happens. Reno Hi-Fi’s owner, Mark Sammut, grew-up in an audiophile household and has decades of experience with much of the finest equipment produced in the last 45 years. Reno Hi-Fi takes great pride in working with everyone at all levels of the Audiophile hobby. If you are just getting into the hobby and want to learn more about the basics and try an entry level product, or if you are an experienced audio veteran with the most demanding and refined tastes, Reno Hi-Fi will always be honored to be at your service.

The in-home demo puts YOU in the driver’s seat. Even with expert recommendations, we always respect that everyone’s tastes are different, and not every variable can be predicted with absolute perfection. If at the end of the in-home demo period you are not thrilled with the performance of an item, simply send it back for a very prompt refund. The truth is, we know that even when a product doesn’t work-out, our commitment to cheerful service will have you talking to us again in the future, when we’ll always be happy to be at your service. The audiophile hobby is supposed to be fun and enjoyable—and we’ll always keep it that way!

To arrange an in-home demo -- Please give us a phone call or email and we’ll discuss anything you like. Then, we can put the item on any major credit card, PayPal, check or other form of payment, and we’ll quickly ship the item to you. When you receive your selection, take 10 days to relax, enjoy, A/B, and test out the product in your system. Our recommendations usually produce the final result the client wants. But in the rare event that the item isn’t for you, send it back to us, and upon its arrival at Reno Hi-Fi, we’ll promptly refund your payment; your only expense for the experience will be actual round-trip shipping costs and a modest restocking fee.  What could be easier? And even if you don’t keep the item, your small investment will have given you more personal knowledge and experience than any other source of information possibly could have, and you will have enjoyed the experience.


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