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PASS LABS Products
Some of Our Demo, Used & Refurbished Items


We are currently not accepting new clients, except for First Watt products. 

Existing clients are welcome to email or phone for support and to inquire about specific product availability and pricing. 

We have a good amount of product now in stock for quick shipment, and we have much more product becoming available soon. 



A good many PASS products, new, demo, and used are now in stock.  We are currently not accepting any orders nor doing consultations.   Hopefully, in October 2021, after our move to Phoenix is completed, we can return to our regular business model. 
  If you'd like to possibly become a new Reno Hi Fi client, we'd love to hear from you starting hopefully in October 2021 when business demand and supply normalizes.  


Current production PASS models available New by request, and most in stock now.

Reno Hi Fi, Inc. does not sell new Pass Labs components within 100 miles of another Authorized Pass Labs Dealer (though Demo and Used Pass Labs products may be sold near another US or Canadian dealer.) New, refurbished, or used Pass Labs brand amps are available for delivery to and use in the US and Canada only.

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