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Pass Labs and Reno Hi-Fi, Inc. are excited to announce the release of the all-new Pass Labs “Point-8” lines of amplifiers! These amplifiers will be in addition to the existing lines (the “Point-5’s”) that have been in production for the last few years.  All PASS amps in production in 2013 will remain in production.

Reno Hi-Fi will continue to offer the Very Highest trade-in values for all PASS and First Watt products while making trading-up easy and risk-free.

Now posted on the website are the new PASS Point-8 and PASS Xs amp brochures.  Please check out these very thrilling first looks at these new amps:

Click Here to view the new 2014 PASS Brochure

Click Here for more details on the exciting new Xs Amplifiers

Click Here to view Introduction to X.8 Amps

The Pass Labs and First Watt used items have moved to their own dedicated web pages.


Pass Labs XP-30 in Production - Pass Labs new flagship, three-chassis, ultimate, high-end, audiophile preamp is now in production. The XP-30 features “slave” outputs and level controls to make bi-amping or controlling a sub-woofer easy. The sound is incredibly revealing while at the same time being smooth. And that’s just the beginning. The blacks are blacker in the sound, imaging is fantastic, and top and bottom are extended with amazing refinement and control. The XP-30 produces a life-like emotional connection to the music with artful dynamics and warmth.  Here’s how current owners of the XP-30 describe it:

“A game changer!”
“I didn’t know a preamp could make this much difference.”
“Absolutely the best preamp I’ve ever heard!”

Trade-in’s are welcome, and Reno Hi-Fi will facilitate a head-to-head comparison between a new PASS preamp and your present preamp.  Please ask for details. The new XP-30 product literature is here:

First Watt News -  The much anticipated First Watt SIT/ Static Induction Transistor amps will be available in early January.  The S-2 is a stereo amp with 10 WPC will list for $5000.  The S-1 monoblocks are 10 WPC with control knob and meter for a list price of  $10,000 a pair. A short but extremely exciting 6moons article is here:  As of the moment, there is no other information about First Watt SIT amps, but more information will be released when the amps are in regular production. 

Pass Labs Monster Concept Amps Now in production - Nelson Pass, Wayne Colburn and the Pass Labs crew are now putting the final touches on the greatly anticipated Pass Labs four-chassis, MONSTER, pure class A, extremely-low-negative-feedback, concept amps to be called the “Xs” series. Reno Hi-Fi will be keeping the less-large of the two models in stock. The largest amps will be available by special order, and everything from Reno Hi-Fi is always Satisfaction Guaranteed with an in-home demo.   Pass Labs list price for the Xs-150 is $65,000 a pair, and the Xs-300 is $85,000 a pair. Reno Hi-Fi makes every effort to provide very generous trade-in allowances.  Please ask for a quote, and click the link below for more details about the Xs line.

Click Here for more details on the exciting new Xs Amplifiers


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